Pest Control for Businesses in the Philippines

 Pest control for businesses in the Philippines normally only includes general pest control service which includes treatment for flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches or ants. There are times when rodent or rat control will be required if the property suffers from a rat infestation, especially for food businesses. If you have just started a business or if you are looking for a pest control for your business, this guide will help you find the right pest control for you and learn what type of service you need. 

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Pest Control for Business in the Philippines Guide

When looking for a pest control for your business, you first need to know the requirements of the government for your business. For any type of food business, you are required to have regular pest control service. In Quezon city, the requirements is at least monthly treatments. Non-food businesses or offices, the government requires at least a treatment every 6 months. However, it is recommended to ask your respective city halls as some may require less that the usual. 

Pest Control for Food Businesses

For food businesses, you may only avail general pest control treatment if you have no rodent infestation. Most business owners ask what if our property do not have any type of pest infestation, do we still need to avail pest control service? The answer is yes. It is a strict requirement to most cities to have general pest control or prevention treatment for those without any pest problem. 

What type of general pest control treatment should we get?

Not all general pest control treatment is recommended for food businesses. Some treatments may contaminate items used for cooking or eating and even food when implemented improperly. One of it is misting or fogging treatment that includes spraying very small particle droplets that can reach the smallest cracks, crevices and even holes of a room. And because of that, the droplets will reach all your kitchen utensils, plates, preparation table, etc. which will then require you to do an intensive general cleaning in your place. Not to mention, you would have to remove all the food items in the property during the treatment just to make sure no contamination happens. 

Our best recommendation of general pest control treatment for restaurants is spraying or baiting. With this treatment, our technician will only be spraying in the walls, corners, beneath tables and chairs and other areas that will not hit any item or appliances used for food. Basically the preparation and after treatment procedure for spraying is not as laborious compared to misting.

The only disadvantage of choosing spraying or misting treatment is if the main pest problem of your property are flying pests. In situations like this, ask the pest control business to come up of a program for your property so they can also target the flying pests which usually includes baiting treatment.

What type of rodent control treatment should we get?

For rodent treatment, we recommend trapping treatment rather than baiting. Although baiting is more effective and gets the job done faster, it can also result to seeing dead rats anywhere in the property, including a public space that customer may see or worse smell. 

Pest Control for Non-Food Business

For non-food businesses, you have the liberty of choosing between misting, spraying or baiting. We recommend the misting treatment if you have high infestation of flying pests like mosquitoes and flies. If your major problem is with crawling insects such as cockroaches and ants then you best go with the spraying treatment.

Choosing the Right Pest Control Operator for Your Company

When choosing the right pest control operator for your company, make sure they have the following characteristics:

  • They are an accredited pest control operator of your city hall
  • They only use approved pesticides by FPA
  • They have an updated business license and is a member of a pest control organization in the Philippines
  • They offer integrated pest management * with the company 

*What is integrated pest management?

Integrated pest management is basically working with the company how they can help lower the level of infestation in their property. This includes orienting the property's staff how to properly dispose food leftovers, sealing of any holes or openings that can be used as entry points by pests, and a lot more. In this way, the pest control operator will apply less aggressive treatment after a while which also means less expenses for your property. When you have successfully removed all the infestation in your property, the only treatment you need to avail is prevention treatment.

With Triple-A Pest Terminator, Inc, we make sure to orient the property staff every visit how they can improve the pest situation in their place and include our findings in our service reports that we submit in every visit. At the same time, we take time to explain to our clients the type of treatment their property needs so they do not choose a treatment that is unnecessary or may be harmful for their business. We are a member of the Pest Control Association of the Philippines and an accredited pest control in Quezon City and all cities in Metro Manila.

For any inquiries, or clarifications, or request for free inspection, please do not hesitate to contact us at 0917 517 8222 or 8986 3795.


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