Types of Treatment for General Pest Control

There are different ways to treat or prevent a general pest infestation. This includes the following treatment method:

Spraying - the most cost-effective type of treatment for general pest. It consists of spraying in all the walls, corners, cracks and crevices of a property using solutions that have a residual effect. This means that crawling insects that comes in contact of any treated area will be affected by the solution. At the same time, they are also unknowingly transferring it to their nest mates which will eventually lead to the total eradication of the infestation.

Baiting - A method used for commercial businesses in the food industry. It is a gel-like bait placed in strategic areas of the property where cockroaches are likely to nest or breed.

Dusting - A treatment method used for new or properties with heavy cockroach infestation as an additional treatment for spraying. Its main purpose is to reach the insects hiding inside the wall voids.

Cold Fogging - An alternative to properties requiring a fumigation service. Cold fogging requires no de-fogging process, more environment-friendly and is water-based so its not a fire hazard.

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