Why Cockroaches Keep Coming Back to Your House?

If you start to see cockroach in your house during the daytime, you should be alarmed. As most cockroach species are nocturnal animals, the only time they can be seen during the daytime exploring your house is when the infestation inside the cracks, crevices, and wall voids are too crowded and they have to find a new spot to nest. The only exception is if the infestation in your house is oriental cockroaches which are known to be attracted to light. Other than that, you should be contacting us so we can send our highly skilled and trained technician to check your property for you.

There are several reasons why a cockroaches keep coming back to your house. And these include:
Poor sanitation. Keeping your house clean includes never leaving the dish unclean overnight, no leftover food exposed in any room in the house, no stagnant water or open water source such as leakage in the property, and the house must be regularly cleaned so any crumbs or small bits of food are removed from the property.

Openings and gaps. If cockroaches can find a hole or a crack to squeeze their body in and enter your property, then regardless of how well you clean your house - they will still keep coming back. If you have one of our technicians inspect your property, they can help you identify these gaps and give you recommendations how to fix it.

Surrounding area. If you are living in a neighborhood suffering from a pest infestation, it will be very hard to keep the cockroaches out. This is why regular general pest control treatment is recommended for both commercial and residential properties.

Visitors. Particularly for commercial properties, you cannot control the number of people visiting your property everyday. Its not possible to inspect everything a person brings inside your house or office to make sure they do not bring any infested item. But if you're property is regularly treated for pest control, you don't have to worry as they will be affected by our treatment as soon as they crawl into any of our treated spots.


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