How to Properly Eliminate a Termite Colony?

Most believe that a simple spraying can eliminate any termite infestation. However, it is important to remember that these termite have thousands and thousands of members that are all nesting underneath your property. You may have eliminated all the termites you see in a mud tunnel you found but deep inside your house there are more of them that will come back in a couple of hours or after a few days.

The only time the termites do not go back in the same tunnel as before is if they feel that path is a danger to them so they just make a new path or mud tunnel in another direction.

The only way to eradicate a termite infestation is to eliminate the whole colony which can only be done by using baits that will reach the termite queen. The one termite responsible for laying up to 40,000 eggs a day.

So the question now is how do you reach the termite queen using baits without the need to dig inside the middle of your house just to find their nest right?

Triple-A Pest Terminator uses Exterra's termite baiting system that feeds the termite workers a type of bait that they prefer over most wood. Termites are not eliminated right away after consumption as we need them to bring the bait to their nest and feed the queen. When the whole colony have consumed the bait, the will soon diminish starting with the workers, followed by the soldiers and lastly the king and queen.

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