Termite Control: Spraying and Dusting vs Baiting

There are several types of termite control in the Philippines and the most common methods are spraying plus dusting and baiting. Based on our experience, both can effectively kill termites but each has its own advantages and disadvantages which we will discuss in details in this article.

termite control baiting vs spraying and dusting

Termite control in Philippines: SPRAYING AND DUSTING METHOD

Spraying and dusting is not only the most common termite control method in the country but probably the first termite control method practiced in the country. It is also a very affordable treatment available as it requires no installation and instantly kills all termites who pass by the treated area for a number days. All the technician needs to do is spray in all areas of the property, focusing on cracks and crevices, and dusting or placing powder like pesticide in between walls by unscrewing the switches and sockets. 

Is termite control by spraying and/or dusting 100% effective against termites?

As mentioned, spraying and dusting method kills all termites that crosses the treated areas. In addition, all termites who comes in contact with contaminated termites also have a high chance of dying within a short amount of time. The only problem is that these contaminated termites may die before they even reach their nest which means the termite queen is still alive and continues to produce up to 30,000 eggs per day. For those who are not aware, termite workers may travel from 45 to 90 meters for food.

This is the reason why customers who availed the spraying method 1 to 2 months ago call again for a second treatment. New termites have possibly made new tunnels to your home and started to be visible as they reach the surface of your walls. 

So to answer the question if spraying and/or dusting an effective method in killing the termite, yes but it does not guarantee the eradication of the whole colony. However, it is affordable and fast so it can be a first-aid treatment you can consider if you are on a budget. 

Termite control in Philippines: BAITING METHOD

Termite control in Manila by baiting method normally requires a 12-month contract and at least a visit every 30 days which explains why it is more expensive compared to the spraying method. Every visit, pest control technicians will inspect the property from top to bottom and look for any active termite infestation. If an infestation is detected, the technician may install an above ground station with bait inside. 

This is followed by a bi-monthly visit to assess the termite activity and add more bait if needed. During the treatment process, many clients comment that it seems there is an increase in termite activity which leads them to believe the treatment is not working. However, it is actually the opposite as the change in the termite's behavior means the bait is working and is making them prefer it from the wood materials in your house. 

Depending on the size of the termite colony, it may take a month up to 4 months before a termite colony is completely eradicated. Since it takes some time for the bait to kill a termite, there is plenty of time for the termite to reach their queen and feed it a couple of times before they are affected by the bait. This is also the reason why baiting method guarantees the death of the colony as it will certainly reach the termite queen. 

How do you know if a termite colony is dead by termite control by baiting method?

One way to know if the anay control by baiting method is effective is when the technicians shows the client that instead of the termite workers, only the termite soldiers are the only ones eating the bait. Normally, termite workers are the ones that you see emerging from your walls, consuming the wood and bringing it to their queen. The soldier's job is to only protect the workers from any threat like ants. If soldiers are the only ones left in the bait station foraging for food, it means all the workers are dead. From there, the soldiers should also be gone within a month. 

Guarantee included with the termite control baiting method

Another reason why we always recommend the baiting method compared to spraying method is that it not only guarantees the eradication of the whole colony but also will continue to inspect your property for 12 months and will kill any new sighted termite colony with no additional cost!

Baiting method: termite control and prevention

If you want an added protection from termites via the baiting method, it also comes with a termite prevention program wherein technicians will install permanent in ground or in concrete stations in the perimeter of your property. In this way, any new termite colony invading your property will be attracted with these stations instead of your house. These stations come with attractants and baits so they start consuming the bait as soon as they find the station.

How much does termite control by baiting cost?

The cost of termite control by baiting for each property is different depending on its location and linear meter. The great thing about our company, Triple-A Pest Terminator, Inc, is that we offer FREE INSPECTION SERVICE with absolutely NO COMMITMENTS so we can present you with our proposal and exact service cost for your property. You can use this proposal to compare our service inclusions and compare it with other companies so you can see which one better fits your needs and budget. 


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