Disinfection and Sanitization Service

As the serious threat of the COVID-19 outbreak continues in our country, our pest control company have decided to also offer disinfection and sanitization service to our clients. As of today, we offer two kinds of disinfection service which are:


Our general disinfection service focuses on sanitizing surfaces in all areas of the property by spraying and cold fogging including walls, floors, key spots.

Process of treatment:

1. Disinfection of key spots including walls, tabletops, countertops, doorknobs, sinks, light switches, faucet handles, sinks, countertops, flush handle, etc) by spraying. Solution sprayed must be left to air-dry

2. Disinfection of floor by spraying

3. For industrial properties, cold fogging machine will be used for the treatment


Our intensive disinfection service not only sanitizes high-touch surfaces but also  use antibacterial mechanisms to filter the air atmosphere including:

*Eradication of the effects of noxious substances in the atmosphere leaving the air clean and fresh

*Activating oxygen to remove any unpleasant smell including body odor, chemicals and organic smells

*Elimination of 99% of bacteria, molds, spores, algae, viruses and yeast.

Process of treatment:

1. All the steps indicated in the general disinfection service.

2. Activation of bacteria control unit for 15 to 20 minutes.

3. A 10-15 minute down time is required before re-entering the property.


car disinfection service quezon city

Our disinfection service focuses on sanitizing surfaces of the car by spraying (cars) or cold fogging (trucks and buses) which includes:

  • exterior and interior door handles
  • dashboard
  • steering wheel
  • trunk lid or lift
  • door panels
  • seat belt and buckles
  • break handle and gear selector
This is followed by a UV light treatment for surface and air atmosphere filter. A 10-15 minute down time is also required before re-entering the vehicle.

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