How to Eradicate a Rodent Infestation?

There are different factors why rodents breed and nest in a property and this includes:

Openings and Gaps - Rodents are always looking for a potential breeding place for their young. This includes any openings leading to your house even the smallest crack or hole.

Poor Sanitation - If there is one thing that attracts a rodent to breed in a property is the cleanliness of a property, particularly the garbage area. Rats like to hangout in places where there are exposed leftover food and open water sources.

Surrounding Environment - If the surrounding environment around your property is infested by rodents, there is a big chance these rodents will go to explore your property, whether it is kept clean or not.

If you are having rodent problems in your home and wish to eradicate them, there are several ways you can do this:

1. Seal or openings and gaps including doors, holes and any cracks

2. Keep your house clean by removing all open water source, washing your dishes right away,
    dispose any leftover food properly and always keep your garbage can closed.

3. If you live in a rodent infested environment, have our technician inspection your property for
    FREE to find the rodent entry points and how to prevent it from entering your property.

4. As our technician monitor and treat your property regularly, your job is to make sure you follow all our recommendations.


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