Triple-A Pest Terminator Inc.

 is a fast-growing company that offers integrated pest management (IPM) solutions for all market sectors. Its customer-centric service philosophy, combined with its detail-oriented and technology-driven approach to business, has enabled Triple A to earn the trust of its steadily expanding stable of clients.

Services Offered:
  • General pest control
  • Rodent control
  • Pre-construction treatment
  • Termite colony elimination
  • Sanitary certification
  • Repair and construction

One thing that sets Triple A apart from other players in the industry is its commitment to continuous improvement and innovation, with its very own director serving as role model. An entrepreneur who has since migrated to the United States, Triple A's human resource director is a multi-awarded, internationally trained pest control expert whose impressive clientele list also includes various global chains in different industries. 

This unparalleled level of expertise, applied in tandem with his native understanding of our local climate and environment, serves as the foundation of the company’s training program for its team of licensed applicators.

It is, in summary, also what enables Triple A to customize an approach to IPM that guarantees world-class results at optimum rates. 

What We Offer:

  • FREE site inspection of your property on your preferred date and time, to be conducted by one of our licensed technicians.
  • An integrated pest management (IPM) program that will comprehensive outline the steps your company is recommended to take in order to enjoy environmentally-friendly and economically feasible long-term pest prevention. 
  • FREE orientation training to provide your staff with better understanding of the biological nature of pests and the importance of adhering to the IPM program designed for your company.
  • Service report to be provided following each completed treatment.
  • Customer support via text, call, or email with response time that will not exceed 48 hours

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