General Pest Control Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to leave the property during or after treatment? Tenants in general, and most especially small children, pregnant women, those with pets, as well as persons with respiratory problems and/or allergies are strongly urged to vacate the premises during treatment to avoid unnecessary exposure.

What is the recommended re-entry time? It is ideal to keep serviced areas off limits for one to three hours to prevent unnecessary exposure.

Do you use odorless solutions for treatment? Yes.

Is your treatment safe? As the solutions we apply are specifically formulated to target insects and other pests, they are not potent enough to harm pets or humans.

How soon can I expect results? Do not be alarmed if you notice an increase in inspect sightings right after treatment. This is an incidental reaction to the solutions we've applied, and you can expect insect population to significantly drop in the next few days.
Note: Keeping your surroundings clean by means of proper waste disposal and not leaving out food or crumbs can greatly help in making the treatment more effective.

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