Types of Insects or General Pests

Triple-A Pest Terminator treatment for general pests is limited to the following:

Flies (house flies and drain flies)

House flies are the most common fly species found in houses. It lays batches of 100 eggs on decaying matter including food waste and feces. They can carry pathogens on their bodies that contributs to food-borne illnesses.


Mosquitoes can pierce human skin and feed on our blood. Its bite will not only cause an itchy rash but also ingest pathogens from one host and transmit it to another. This is why mosquitoes are the primary reason of different outbreaks including dengue, malaria, zika and other arboviruses.


Cockroaches not only leave an allergic reactions in human but also can passively transport pathogenic microbes on their body surfaces. They feed on human and pet food and leave an unappealing odor. Each adult cockroach can produce a much as 800 offsprings a year.


Ants will not only raid human food but can also create damage in a property's indoor structure and agricultural crops. Once ants builds a nest in your property, it can result to a large number of ants appearing in a short period of time.

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