Types of Treatment for Termite Control

Here's how we exterminate a termite infestation:

1.We install Exterra Termite Interception and Baiting System within and along the perimeter of your property

Above Ground Stations - These are installed when our site inspection reveals that a property is already suffering from existing or live termite activity.

In Ground or In Concrete Stations - These are installed to monitor termite presence in your area and keep your property termite-free. For those already dealing with infestation at present, these stations are installed to prevent re-infestation.

2. A chemical soil barrier may be installed to reinforce the property's defense against termite infestation. In some cases, it also serves as an alternative treatment for properties whose current layouts are unsuitable for in-ground or in-concrete stations.

Chemical Soil Barrier - Depending on the installation surface, our technicians may use either heavy-duty drills or soil-injectors to apply our specially formulated solutions for termite protection.

Mound Demolition - Termite mounds are created by certain types of termite species to provide the queens of its colonies a safe place to lay its eggs. Our technicians are trained to find the location of such mounds and destroy them prior to treating the area for added protection.

3. Our technicians will visit your property every thirty (30) days to conduct a comprehensive site inspection on all areas of your property. If any termite activity is detected, we will use REQUIEM Termite bait to eradicate the colony.

REQUIEM was formulated to serve as a highly palatable bait that has termites readily consuming it over most other types of food, and local studies further show that termites, once they have a taste of this bait, will stop feeding on whatever food source they've found in your home.

REQUIEM is also environmentally-friendly and considered non-toxic to both humans and pets. In fact, it is even shown to have less toxicity than table salt.

4. Once termites start consuming REQUIEM, you may likely notice some significant changes in termite behavior, e.g. large mud tunnels suddenly showing up in proximity of any of the installed stations, increased presence of termite swarmers or alates in certain parts of the property.

Please don't be alarmed when this happens. It's actually a good sign that the system is doing its job.

Aside from the regular inspection visits, our technicians will also visit your property every fifteen (15) days to continuously monitor termite activity until its colony is completely eliminated.

5. When termite infestation has been successfully eliminated, our technicians will then use Termatrac to validate the results of our work.

Termatrac is considered the world's most accurate detector, with a 90% proven accuracy. Even better, it relies on non-invasive technology to minimize damage during inspection.

Aside from using Termatrac, we will also continue with regular inspections and look for any other possible sources or signs for existing or new termite activity.

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