Is it possible for earthquakes to cause termite infestation?

Is it possible for earthquakes to cause termite infestation?

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A week or so ago, a couple of earthquakes struck various parts of Luzon, and among the hardest hit were several towns of Pampanga. We were actually there on Palm Sunday for our annual visita iglesia, and one of the churches we visited was the San Agustin Church. It felt surreal afterwards, seeing the damage it suffered from the earthquake and being able to compare it to how the church used to look.

That said, the damage earthquakes cause isn't always visible or not readily so, and that's where we at Triple A step in to help.

Earthquakes and Termites

There are basically ways earthquakes can lead to termite infestation even in homes that haven't been previously infested.

Seismic activity can open new cracks in your property, and termites may use these cracks - depending on where they appear - as entry points.

Seismic activity can destroy nests or homes of existing termite colonies. And as termites are not particularly strong fliers, they can only "relocate" to potential nesting sites within 100 meters from their current home. As for whether your property happens to fall within that range or not...well, there's only one way to find out.

Call us at Triple A pest control Manila, and we'll inspect your site for free.

P.S. No need to worry about whether site inspections can cause further damage to your property. Our termite control Philippines inspection methods are non-invasive and technology-based to ensure the safest and most accurate analyses.

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